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November 16th, 2007 @1:17 am  

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Leon Moore Said,
September 5th, 2008 @5:16 pm  

Im looking for Lease space… If there is a any open spaces please let me know… thanks/

wendy Said,
October 8th, 2008 @7:34 am  

I am looking to rent a Kiosk one on a monthly basis during Nov and Dec and one on a weekly basis during the month of Dec. Could you please get back to me with prices and availability.

Thank you Wendy Stephenson

Sharon Said,
October 13th, 2008 @7:40 am  

Why are people’s requests for lease space and kiosk rentals posted on your general website for other people to read? (See request above from Leon Moore and Wendy Stephenson)

jane Said,
November 16th, 2008 @2:38 pm  

Whats the name of the gaming store?

Kyla Said,
November 21st, 2008 @4:32 pm  

Will there be a day again this year when Santa is posing with pets??

Sarah Said,
January 7th, 2009 @12:09 pm  

l just was wanted to say that l love this mall
l just wish they would have more the one main washroom at any other mall they have more then one main washroom

Trevor Carr Said,
January 25th, 2009 @3:49 pm  

why is the Info(6/49) booth in recievership whats going on

Linda Said,
February 12th, 2009 @11:49 am  

I really don’t like going to the mall anymore, I live close by so it shouldn’t be an issue. I definitly don’t shop to often or go to the library as we once did. Why? I don’t like the fact that everytime I walk into that mall “I” as a female get stared at by old east indian men who spend pretty much all day there, don’t buy not even a coffee, all they do is stare at women all day. Where are there wives. If a white man sat around as these men do they would be kicked out-kick them these dirty man out!! Ban them from coming back, it’s been a problem way to long. Problem is they pretend not to speak english. I know many women who won’t shop at this mall anymore because as for myself they are angry as well.

Dianne MacPhee Said,
February 14th, 2009 @7:35 pm  

Ok I’ve been to the town center once to have my hair cut and would love to go back .Could anyone tell me the name of the beauty salon’s in the mall.

Tara Racome Said,
March 9th, 2009 @8:01 am  

Do you know the date of your annual teddy bear sale you have to raise money for charity?? Please email back – Thanks, Tara

Pete Said,
March 12th, 2009 @10:07 am  

A blog about town center, cool. Linda, I understand your concern, but really those guys are harmless old men. They stare at everyone, not just white women, I’m a 20 something east indian man and they stare at me too (: I’m amazed at how busy town center is now, used to be a ghost mall.

omid Said,
March 21st, 2009 @6:15 pm  

winners is not working anymore.

lisa Said,
April 13th, 2009 @7:28 am  

This is a response to Linda. I think its very ignorant for you to say something like that. I work in the mall, and have been for the last year and a half, and I’m east indian myself too. There is just some stuff you shouldn’t post on a general website. What’s wrong with you? There are a lot of WHITE men, black men, philipinos an chinese men that have harassed many ladies in the mall. As far as I am concerned there has not been any issues with an old east indian man creeping on ladies. I am really good friends with the security guards and I hear a lot of stories about stuff that people do illegally..but there’s never any mention about old east indian men. If you want to get all racial how come all the little WHITE boys and girls always shoplift? Hmmm? And if you have a problem like that then deal with it don’t cry about it on a website. Maybe there’s more to it then you know. And I’m happy you don’t shop there anymorw, I would hate to see people like you in the mall.

TH Said,
April 18th, 2009 @2:10 pm  

Hair salons:

Murray’s Hair Salon

May 8th, 2009 @5:26 pm  

where is the best place to go 4 a 10 yr olds b day ????

David Said,
May 25th, 2009 @2:07 pm  

Linda, shut the fuck up and get over your honky ass. Nobody is staring at you. How the fuck do you know what they buy/don’t buy? Get out of millwoods if you can’t handle ethnic diversity.

Singh Said,
June 11th, 2009 @9:49 am  

Linda – your comments are very ignorant and offensive. The dirty men (that you so eloquently refer to) are elderly men who meet at the mall in an attempt to bond and communicate with one another. That is one of the very few ways that that can try to make a foreign country with uneducated (like yourself) citizens feel like home. Culturally, East Indian men are very direct in their verbal and NON-Verbal comunication and apparently, you have taken that to be perverted. Are they actually physically approaching you and harassing you? Are they doing catcalls or making obscene gestures as you walkby? I assume not, because if they were actually doing anything, they would be kicked out. But yet you take a look/stare as dirty and target elderly east indian men. Your comments are borderline racist – they “pretend” that they don’t speak English. I do not know alot of people who pretend that they cannot speak a language. Unfortunately, your eurocentric view of minority groups is not uncommon – you should pick up a book and educate yourself – predominantly, most crimes/forms of harassment are commited by Caucasians (that your kind of people), yet serve the shortest incarceration times. Why? Because we still live in a racist society which still serves the White mans purpose/needs. Stop picking on East Indian men and get a life.

Amber Said,
June 17th, 2009 @2:23 pm  

I would love to know also what the name of that hair salon is called!?!

Jae Said,
June 19th, 2009 @8:53 am  

I agree with Linda, They should be banned. It’s not fair at all! and some of them are very Ignorant as well!

Kaelina Said,
July 30th, 2009 @7:42 pm  

Whats the name of the Pet Store in the mall called? Thats the one place they dont have on the Store Directory..

Har Said,
October 7th, 2009 @5:16 pm  

I can’t believe the mall doesn’t have a website! I was there recently and it seems as though a lot of stores are closed up. I don’t know how the mall can expect to compete with the new Southgate?

Dallas Said,
October 25th, 2009 @8:55 am  

you forgot game city in electronics

John Wesley Hardin Said,
October 30th, 2009 @8:03 am  

Linda, I once worked security at that mall. I can tell you exactly why these old east indian males are not banned or even asked to leave for the day. I asked my supervisor that very same question.

A few years back one of the security guards had asked an old east indian male to leave for that exact reason. The east indian guy played the I dont speak english card. So the guard physically removed him. The next day there was 500 east indians protesting. We were told to never ever touch them or ask them tomove or leave.

Aslo for Han both Town center mall and Southgate mall are owned by the same company

Nicole Said,
November 4th, 2009 @4:45 pm  

Is there going to be a Sears Outlet store in the mall? If so, when will that be opening?

Brenda Said,
November 13th, 2009 @6:53 pm  

Hi, I am reading all these comments regarding East Indian men and would like to say that it is true , that some men just stare and I personally consider this rude. I also think that if the mall security tried to kick one east Indian out you will have 500 of them outside slanting slogans. However, let’s not judge all old east Indian men with the same yardstick. I am east Indian myself and do know a lot of “white” guys who and sit at the mall all day staring at little girls and boys which is very sick…So does that mean that I can’t trust any white guy with my kid since I am not sure when the white guy looks at my child all he is going to think about is sex? I think not. Just like there are bad guys among whites , so is the case among east Indians. I hope we all see sense and stop this name calling etc. Proud Canadian

Rehana Said,
November 15th, 2009 @12:40 pm  

I go to Millwoods town centre all the time, and I don’t like being starred at either but You just have to learn how to ignore it, I am east indian myself and i find it very offensive with the racial comments. IGNORE it like i also ignore all those gothic people who are very weird too!!! Dont let it get to you.

Ashley Schneider Said,
November 19th, 2009 @1:31 pm  

hey guys everyone needs to completely chill out. yes East Indian men can seem creepy…..BUT i am pretty sure some of us seem like creeps to them. sure they sometimes scratch their private parts around us and sure they sometimes stare but they do not understand everything we do just like we dont understand everything they do. We are all people. No one is better than anyone else. Malls are public spaces. everyone should be allowed to be there. Security Guards are there to keep us safe so let them do their jobs. If you feel really not comfortable let a guard know. do not be rascist but also be smart. stereotypes are bad. even white men or asian or european people can be creepy. so everyone please drop this.

Ashley Schneider Said,
November 19th, 2009 @1:32 pm  


MJ Said,
November 19th, 2009 @3:52 pm  

The fact that there is still a racial issue digust me i would like to think that our society has grown past that. What everyone needs to remeber is that all races are equal in everyway possible, wheter it be good deeds, bad deeds or what may you. As to your comments Linda if you feel so creeped out maybe you should bring it to mall managment att. or just wlak away and inorge the glares. I live close by the mall ans shop there with my kids and from my experinces a majoirtiy of them hang around the food court and shoppers, so stay away from the areas. I’ve never have any problems with them or anybody but expect for their friendliness towards my children. Linda please open your eyes and grow up and learn to accept everyone as equals to help lessen racial viloence.

Tye Said,
November 20th, 2009 @3:22 pm  

Is their any companies in the Millwoods Town centre that is hiring now? besides dollar rama? because I have been looking and seems like their really isnt.

Bobby Said,
November 23rd, 2009 @10:46 am  

Re: mall patrons.. Singh comments…. living in a society that supports the white mans needs!!! You my friend are obvisoulsy not educated. CANADA was settled and pioneered by :WHITE PEOPLE … it is you who needs to read a book or two and educate yoursel., I suggest you start with some elementary level history texts and work your way up from there! My family has been here since 1774 …they mixed with other settlers and helped each other…there were no malls to hang out in all day long and wish you were back home, they were too busy without government handouts trying to hack out a living on bare land and rocks supporting themselves. There were no social programs, if you did’nt work you did’nt eat. There was no complaining because they made the choice to come here no one forced them to come here. There should be no complaning about sitting in a country that now welcomes and SUPPORTS you with a pension after 10 years of being here!!!! if you want to mix and socialize go volunteer….most of the elderly people I know volunteer…they don’t sit on their behinds in a mall all day long wishing they were somewhere else!!!!!!!!! They do things to better the lives of their fellow Canadians!, regardless of ethic orgin. As for the comment that East Indian men are very direct in their methods of communcation…this is Canada and we are more discreet and cautious regarding making comments to or about each other…this is a cultural thing! When in Rome……

Jasmine Said,
November 25th, 2009 @5:06 pm  

Hi, I was just trying to figure out when the post office closes but got sidetracked by the conversation. I have noticed the Indian men at the mall but I have never felt threatened by them. They seemed pretty clean to me. They do tend to watch people as they go by but people watching is not really a crime. It is true that hanging out at the mall all day, everyday and not buying anything kind of sucks for the vendors and could be considered loitering. Perhaps we could find a solution to this problem that would satisfy everybody. I have noticed that there is a senoirs club at the mall and this is considered ok. People are not complaining that seniors are spending their time at the mall and not buying anything. Perhaps the east indian gentlemen could also form a club and be given or rent their own space so they would not seem to be loitering in the middle of the shopping centre or they could join the seniors club that is already there. Personally these men do not really bother me but in the interest of fairness if it was a group of 10 older white men that came to the mall everyday just to sit together and people watch, security would probably kick them out, and women would probably feel threatened or at the very least think that they were creepy.

Laurie Said,
November 25th, 2009 @5:54 pm  

Linda, you are an illiterate, racist idiot. Both your spelling and your close- minded views should be kept to yourself.

I grew up in this area and am happy to be back after 5 years. I have a 3 year old son who likes to say “hi” to everyone. I find that most “white” people ignore him until he is frustrated and asking why they won’t say “hi” back. It is these “old Indian men”, as you call them, that take the time to say “hi” back and smile.

I am glad that you don’t shop at the mall anymore, because we don’t want people like you there. I hope you never have kids to pass your racist views on to. Also, you may want to take some grammar and spelling lessons as it is evident that you don’t speak English very well yourself.

Ruru Said,
December 3rd, 2009 @6:16 pm  

Hi!! I don’t know what the Salon you’re looking for is called but I go to one that is AWESOME!!! The people that work their are great and I always leave completely SATISFIED with the haircut and highlights i get! I ended up going to several places for highlights and it was never the way i wanted it to be.. despite the pictures I showed them. But at this salon it’s always perfect. I’m love them lol Anyways, the place is called ESCADA and it’s in St.Albert center! Hope that helps =)

Ganna Said,
December 4th, 2009 @11:37 am  

I understand Linda’s comments it is not racist…I also go to the mall and feel them looking at me. I find it offensive but just stare back and challange the look and if they continue I ask them why they are staring..it is very ignorant…I think they should all get a life and visit elsewhere..they have a seniors center …go there perverts

Ganna Said,
December 4th, 2009 @11:39 am  

Oh yeah I am not of Caucasion decent so don’t comment on that either I don’t care what anyone thinks it is jsut my two cents on how I feel when I go ther…I think Linda should tell them to not look next time like I do or stare them down….they will stop if you approach the subject

cristyne Said,
December 6th, 2009 @4:44 pm  

im with linda on this 1, she is not bitching about them being east indian so get that out of yr asses, it is ridiculous that all they ever do is sit around the mall hanging out staring at ppl. i stick up for myself and tell them to fuck off and quit staring and others should to. im tired of having to go there to being glared at by them now cuz y i actually said something. if it were a group of teens they would b told to quit loittering so y should the creepy elders b treated any different. if they want to hang out than fine go into smittys have a coffee or whatever, y do they have to sit there and stare at ppl. it just soo happens that its east indian men that are the ones being all creepy, i have sat there with mi kids in the play park well they take up 2 benchs to what stare at ppl walk by mumble in their language. and linda is right they do mostly stare at women she is not saying that they only do but it is mainly women they stare at. and as for the comment about the white shoplifters thats bull shit i was there yesterday and too chinese guys were getting hauld out of there for the same thing. also 2 weeks ago 2 black girls got caught stealing from la tops. so its not just us white folks or as that racist fuck calls up honkies. linda was mainly stating the obvious and u guys go into making it into a whole racial thing. take yr racist asses out of her u dont hear us calling out the niggers or chinks or pakis no we kindly said it.

PR holder Said,
December 11th, 2009 @5:37 pm  


I agree with everyone here and I don’t think anyone is being racist (or lets not try to). Only thing that, I don’t agree with is name calling.

We all came here for better life and that’s why we should not promote any culture because one of the group wants to do that. i will rather ask ladies to ask security guard to help them with this. Not going to the mall is not the right thing. It is ours(canadian’s) so we have to stand up against anything wrong.

I do want everyone to make the right decision otherwise it will dusturb the social harmony among people. Diversity in culture and thoughts makes a great country. I am sure Canada is not racist and its great country. I do want to be proud, when I join you guys as Candian.


J Said,
December 12th, 2009 @10:03 am  

Just wanna know when Santas going to be at the mall

Bob Said,
December 12th, 2009 @3:41 pm  

My wife was looking for some store information and came across this website. She showed me all of these posts and I just could not resist the temptation to put in my thoughts on the whole issue.

First off I must say that the vast majority of people that I know are getting rather tired of all the changes we seem to have to be making in our CANADIAN society in the hopes of achieving someone’s idea of political correctness. I personally am very tired of it so I will not be trying to achieve any form of it in my post.

First, a few specific responses.

Linda seems to have started all of this and good for her. She raises valid concerns and gets creeped out by someone staring at her. I do not know of many individuals of either sex, of any race, that do not get a bit creeped out when someone is staring at them. It is a rude behavior no matter who is doing it. As far as this being a race issue, maybe it is. But it still would be, and is, the same issue if it were people who are Irish, Japanese, Russian, Australian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Old, Young, Black, White, Yellow, Polka dotted, One Legged, Six Toed, it just does not matter. They are sitting on their asses all day at the mall, shooting the shit, and not contributing to society in which we live.

Re Lisa April 13th. Why the hell can’t she post something on a general website? Are all general websites reserved for people to cast accusations of racism and bigotry like you did? She can “cry about it on a website” as you say, if she damn well pleases. You did. Now as far as “all the little WHITE boys and girls always shoplifting”, (again, your words) goes I would be left to decide between one of two conclusions. One, there are indeed more WHITE people shoplifting than those of color, or, the WHITE people are not as good at avoiding getting caught. Something to think about. In any case, perhaps you should not preach to people about racism when your own words are filled with it. Congrats on getting a job.

Re David May 25th. David, the use of the word HONKY also carries with it a loud tone of racism. Please review what I wrote above to Linda and perhaps you could gleam some sort of insight from it. I am not betting on it but one should always have hope. This has nothing to do with the tolerance for ethnic diversity you grade A moron. If you cannot formulate a complete thought please leave it to those that can.

Re Singh June 11th. Why are Linda’s view of a situation and the way she feels ignorant and offensive? Does she not have a right to express those views and feelings? You say that these men are meeting to bond and communicate however you feel that Linda has no right to communicate that their bonding is creeping her out. Actually, when I was reading your post I was finding nothing really wrong until I got to the bottom and you played the big bad white man card. As far as the amount of crimes and incarceration time for white people as opposed to those of color I have no idea but I would suspect that it’s all relative to the crimes committed. I do however agree with you that there should be harsher punishments for all. One thing that I truly believe is that those who commit crimes in this country, who have not been born here and have been here ten years or less, should never be put on trial. They should merely be taken to the closest airport and sent back from where they came. Why should the tax payers of this country pay to defend, try, and incarcerate and individual who has that little respect for the country in which they have CHOOSEN to live. As far as those who were born here and are convicted of a crime I have a whole other viewpoint on what we should do with them however I think I will have to find another mall website for that topic. This just does not seem to be the appropriate forum. Speaking of airports, if you truly feel that this is such a racist society in which you live, and in case you were not aware, every major airport has flights leaving this country. Please feel free, because this is a free country, to choose the destination of your choice. Good luck and God’s speed.

Re Brenda Nov 13th. Brenda you are absolutely right. We should never judge all with the same yardstick so let’s just keep this about the one’s that sit on their asses at the mall all day leering at people.

Re Rehana Nov 15th. Rehana you don’t have to ignore it. You have already begun to speak out as evidenced by your post. Don’t be afraid. Yell out your displeasure. With you being of East Indian decent I cannot imagine what horrible thoughts of arranged marriage or other cultural degradation they may be thinking about you. And again, I must remind you that we are speaking about those old men at the mall here. There is probably another mall website discussion about those blood sucking goths.

Re Ashley Schneider Nov. 19th. Princess Ashely. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your Pollyanna attitude and viewpoints are the exact reason that we keep changing our way life to suit others. It’s comforting to know that the tradition is not dead and that you will forever be here to carry forth into the world, the wisdom that seems to come from that of a five year old. Remember, lights out before 9pm and be a good girl. Santa is coming and he is watching.

Re MJ Nov. 19th. Does Ashley live at your house? Why the hell should Linda or anyone else for that matter have to avoid certain places in the mall? She should be able to feel comfortable anywhere she damn well wants to go there. What fricking racial violence are you talking about? I read your post, went back and read Linda’s and no where did she say anything about violence or make any sort of reference to it. Read what she said. Perhaps reading it slower with a help of a tutor might be in your best interest. Maybe your kids can help you out. Well, upon review of your post and its spelling errors perhaps that is not the best idea either. Seems that the gene pool is a little shallow on your end.

Re Bobby Nov. 23rd. Thanks for stating the obvious. No matter what your color or ethic origin, either contribute to society or get the hell out of it.

Re Jasmine Nov. 25th. Jasmine I am glad you brought up the word loitering because that is exactly what it is. The solution to this problem is simple. Apply the same rule to them as we would for a bunch of white men, yellow men, space men, teenagers, gothic clubs (that one’s for you Rehana), or any other group of people loitering around and kick their sorry asses out.

Re Laurie Nov. 25th. Laurie, I hope with your accusation of Linda being illiterate indicates a vast education that affords you the realization that you contradict yourself by merely offering your opinion. Somewhere in your years of being educated you may have picked up on the fact the Canada, the country in which we live, is a free country. This means the people like Linda, and jerks like you, are free to offer their opinion on any subject they wish. As far as these men saying hi back to your kids there could be many reasons. Your kids could be creepy too, I don’t know. Could be that they want to eat them. Are your children fat?

Re Cristyne Dec. 6th. The direct approach, I like it. Maybe you could help out Ashley and MJ.

Re PR Holder Dec. 11th. I am getting the impression that PR is on their way to becoming a new Canadian. Congratulations and welcome. You seem to be a person who is aware that every country has their own traditions, culture, and laws and seem eager to embrace them to be intertwined with your own traditions and culture rather than trying to suppress either culture. Good luck.

I hope that I have offended at least one individual with this post. It is time we all cut out this political correctness and started telling it like it is. The bottom line is that these men, no matter what their ethnic origin, are sitting around the mall which is, by every definition, loitering (thanks Jasmine). If it were teenagers doing this the mall security would indeed have kicked their sorry asses out of the mall. I see them constantly keeping a watch on them as well as confronting them about their intentions. The mall security does not however confront any one of these men. So yes indeed, this is an issue that smacks of racism. Just not the way that most of these moronic posters think.

Merry Christmas Everyone. For those not of the Christian faith, just talk amongst yourselves, it will be over soon.

PR Holder Said,
December 13th, 2009 @9:12 am  

Bob, I appreciate your response. I know some of the posts were offensive. I would be very happy, if you have not followed the same sarcasm in replying to one of the post.
I think that your post addresses the real problem very well and thanks for doing that. Now, we know the problem and the question remains how to solve this problem so that people of the community can go to the malls without any fear. I can only think of creating some kind of Moral Brigade and ask people to join the people from different culture and religion to join.
Let these people go and ask the people, how their actions are offending others and making them uncomfortable. I am very sure they will understand what is wrong with their behavior.

We would be able to maintain peace and harmony in the society this way.

Merry Christmas to all of you !! I am not christian but my family celebrates christmas and Halloween for now.


Bob Said,
December 13th, 2009 @2:28 pm  

PR Holder, your response advocates peace and harmony which is all fine and good however I doubt that this issue is going to turn into all out race riots of epic proportion. The idea of a Moral Brigade scares me. Seems a bit over the top and more along the lines of the great moral thinkers of days past when we outlawed liquor and burned books. That never worked out well. You cannot legislate nor enforce morals to any degree of success. The must be learned, accepted and practiced. That being said, this is not a moral issue.

I was trying to get the point across that the rules should apply to all, no matter what. It has been said before that this type of behavior would not be tolerated by the mall management and security if it were teenagers so why is it allowed for these gentlemen? It is allowed because of the mall’s desire to avoid any type of bad press because as soon as they were to say anything to these gentlemen then there would be an immediate cry of discrimination. So in an attempt to avoid any accusations of discrimination the mall chooses to turn a blind eye to it which is discrimination against those that would have repercussions thrust upon them for doing exactly what these gentlemen are doing.

They should be told, by mall management and security, to get the hell off the benches and get out. If they want to have somewhere to meet, go meet at one of their houses. That however would not provide the entertainment value of people watching that by all accounts is creeping some people out. They could go to a coffee shop or other establishment however that would cost money that they do not want to spend. They could join the seniors drop in center in the mall however I believe that they are practicing their own form of racism and would never be caught dead in there. Contribute to this society in which you live or get out.

The vast majority of us have jobs that we go to, which earns us money, which we spend at the shops in the mall, which pays the employees, which pays the owners rent, which pays for the land, the building, the taxes, and on and on it goes. The biggest offence here should be the fact that they sit there all day not contributing but I am sure more than willing to contribute to an accusation of discrimination if asked to leave.

I have no problem with someone taking some time out of their life to sit down, relax and watch the world go by. The problem I have is I do not understand what they are taking a break from. If you can sit there all day you don’t have a job. You don’t volunteer. You don’t have children to look after. Your not shopping. Your not contributing to the economics of the mall. Your dead weight on the shoulders of the world.

Anyway, that’s getting a bit off topic. The topic is old men who sit on benches at the mall all day creeping people out. The rules should be applied to them as firmly as they would be applied to others, now matter how much they cry discrimination. If being removed from the benches at the mall for loitering proves to be such a hardship and travesty they should join Singh at the airport. Perhaps there is a place in the world they would find less racial intolerant to their need to sit on benches and bond all day.

Actually it would be interesting to try and experiment. Perhaps 15 or so teenagers or perhaps a group of those blood sucking Goths (sorry Rehana but it’s for the cause, be brave little soldier) should start sitting around the benches all day. How long do you think it would take before they were asked to leave? Do you think any claim of theirs regarding discrimination would be accepted? Not likely. Why, because we change the rules to suit the few in the hopes of not being called racist or discriminatory. We change the rules to suit someone’s idea of political correctness.

Hopefully more and more people will soon see the need to get over this political correctness crap and we will once again be able to say that someone is a lazy ass taking up space rather than a motivationally challenged individual who needs our acceptance and understanding.

Melissa Said,
December 18th, 2009 @5:44 pm  

I think that who ever is in charge of this website seriously needs to read all the above posts! There are offensive, rude, and racist comments on an information site. I am here trying to find hours to a shopping mall, and instead am leaving this website with feelings of utter dismay. I am a proud Canadian, and regardless of Canada’s history we are now a “multi cultural” society, and we should all welcome that fact with open arms. Please in the future, keep racist comments to yourselves. And just to state a fact of Canadian Law, it is possible to be criminally charged with these comments known as slander.

jeariele Said,
December 18th, 2009 @10:19 pm  

Thanks everyone for the good reading. I had a good chuckle. Have a Merry Christmas.

Bobby Said,
December 21st, 2009 @11:12 am  

Dear Bob,
“Laurie, I hope with your accusation of Linda being illiterate indicates a vast education that affords you the realization that you contradict yourself by merely offering your opinion.”
Great job of constructing an unnecessarily wordy sentence! We bow to your towering intellect.

Lifetime resident Said,
December 21st, 2009 @4:35 pm  

Funny how one comment can ruin a information page… I usually do not care to get involved when it comes to things like this, but racist remarks are not welcomed anywhere in society … I have lived in Edmonton my whole life, and Millwoods for 90% of it, and have grown up and been raised to look at people as people, not colors, race, or sterotypes.

Edmonton is a very diverse community of people, different races, different colors, so to pick on those seniors and bringing up their race is uncalled for. You obviously have no respect for elders.

Seniors in general, love to meet up at malls and socialize and get out of the house – not everyone is there to shop and of course they are going to look around the mall, or other people, just observing the crowd is not a crime – it is a public place! you’ll get stared at weather you like it or not and not just by one group or person. You should be able to ignore it/accept it and just finish your shopping or whatever you were there to do.

If you really are as paranoid as your state – I recommend you seek professional help.

Brandon Said,
December 24th, 2009 @6:42 am  

Alright, this is a decent mall for small shopping. I usually go there to pick up some small last minute things such as last minute christmas presents. My top stores there would have to be zellers, dollarama, and HMV. Zellers is great for kids toys, HMV for movies/music, and dollarama for your cheap stuff such as gift wrap. So a response to all these comments regarding racial issues: Alright, I do understand the feeling of being creeped, but seriously its life there are going to be people out there that will give you a dirty look here and there, no matter what race. You gotta learn to just ignore that shit and stop being so sensitive. Unless they start shit and approach you, theres no need to bitch. People like this need to stop being so sensitive and live life, and learn to accept and respect EVERYONE. End of story.

James Said,
December 26th, 2009 @8:49 am  

While we live not far from this mall, we would visit it regardless of where we live. Many of our friends agree with us that this mall is significantly different than most, if not all the malls in Edmonton. It is much more casual in atmosphere and there is much more room to just “hang out” or “loiter” with your neighbor. There are times when I do not go there to buy anything but rather just give the kids a few minutes in the play center on a chilly December weekend. This is the charm of Millwood’s Town Center. The downside for some of you is that like those market places of old, people of all walks will come and discuss the issues of the day while people watching those around them. I would not care if they were Goth, East Indian or One legged potato planters from Moose Jaw Sk, if you want to sit around and stare at people… knock your socks off. Looking isn’t a crime and lord help us when it becomes one. I can’t wait for someone to cry “you’re face is creeping me out… security!”

As for you Bob, man…. get a life. I could grab my thesaurus and try to keep up with you but what would be the point… I’m not writing a book afterall. (Truthfully, I can’t wait for the movie: Bob Rants! I hope you get Kevin Costner to play the part of Bob and Angelina Jolie to play Linda. Mmmmm Linda would be so hot!

kneedeepinshet azzwinder Said,
December 26th, 2009 @11:36 pm  

I think all the old east indian men should have to do the dance from slumdog millionare in order to stay in the mall.

Tracy Said,
December 29th, 2009 @12:54 pm  

I believe a mall that provides a seniors drop-in center as well as a children’s play area is indeed an asset to our community, but it is still a mall that has businesses that pay to lease space to sell their products.

If a group of individuals (no matter race, age, etc.) behave in a manner that make numerous people uncomfortable enough to confront them, or avoid the area where they loiter, or avoid the mall entirely because of their conduct, that’s unacceptable.

This is not a Racial Intolerance issue, and how sad that 500 people protested and claimed Discrimination because an individual was escorted off the premises for inappropriate behaviour. That’s offensive!!!!

I’d just like to say I enjoyed Bob’s rant, and anyone with an IQ that exceeds their shoe size should be able to understand what he was saying without the aid of a Thesaurus. I do agree with James on his suggestion that it would indeed make a great movie.

James Said,
January 6th, 2010 @11:21 pm  

So Tracy, who is in charge on determining what is uncomfortable? So if I my friends and I enjoy wearing mexican ponchos with pictures of corona on them…does that make you feel uncomfortable? Old men wearing black socks and sandals make me uncomfortable. There is a big difference between “feeling uncomfortable” and “harrassment” and the laws in Canada reflect that. Let us be clear about what is being discussed… what was the inappropriate behaviour that caused this man to be asked to leave the mall? Did he look at a woman? Ahhhhh!

I agree every mall as a private business should have the minimum expectation that those who visit it will be open to spending money to support the businesses. However, until they stop me at the door and count how much money I have in my pocket, I think that they should go on the reasonable assumption that I will spend my funds wisely and most propably on those businesses when the time occurs. This is an act of faith and good will. I do spend my money there because the owners of the businesses that exist there are people who I generally know by name as a regular customer. Even the ladies who clean in the food court stop to speak to my family and I every time I am there.

As for the movie… I want to be cast as the mall patron who stares at unsuspecting shoppers….oooohhhhh.

ExtremePink Said,
January 11th, 2010 @12:02 pm  

Comments on the East Indian Men- I’ve been going to this mall since it opened, and I have had my shear of creepy people. But really if they’re looking at you who the hell cares, do you know how many people sit there and people watch? So what’s the difference if so good looking white guys is sitting there looking at you? Oh let me guess that’s ok right? Because his intentions are gonna be better?

Give you’re head a shake man, first of all if you don’t like then go some where else. I hate ignorant people like those of you with your comments on here.

If you want to bitch about those guys just sitting there then we might as well bitch about the people that bring their kids to the mall and let them run all over the place screaming at the top of their lungs. Or let’s bitch about the people that bring their bugs in to stores like dollarama and block the whole isle. Let’s bitch about how rude some of the people at the food places in the food court. Let’s bitch about the annoying people that stand at the kiosks and try to sucker you in.

When I see them I see them looking at me and whatever I just dust it off cause once I pass them I’m totally over it.

So you Linda need to get over yourself, because I’m sure if no one was checking you out you’d bitch about that too.

Ricky Said,
January 12th, 2010 @12:46 am  

seriously what the Fuck. all you mall dicks talking with your big learny words about old people at the mall making it complicated so my brain waves cant…FUCK. theyr just old people sitting at the mall, maybe if you smoked dope once in a while you wouldnt care so much. its not a racialist thingy because theyre just old so top being such a pussy about. its not frick rocket appliances. plus mall dope fucken sucks so come to sunnyvale and get good dope

ImmiCan Said,
January 12th, 2010 @5:25 pm  

To all the educated persons & illiterates – is this really the forum for this discussion?? %$#!!!
(I was just trying to find the contact info for a store & came across this nightmare)

Tracy Said,
January 18th, 2010 @9:37 pm  

Well James, this isn’t an issue of what I consider uncomfortable, or how I may personally feel about the fashionably challenged.
By all accounts a group of individuals are loitering at a place of business. Customers are complaining about their conduct, whatever that may be, and I’m sure someone wouldn’t be escorted from the premises for just staring.
The management is now unable to ask them to leave this place of business because other people are objecting that this is discrimination, creating a double standard and special privileges for this group only. You have no problem with that, good for you.

Rick Said,
January 24th, 2010 @11:13 am  

This is unbelievable. Old seniors unintentional stare bothers anyone??
& the comments, unreal. Hey Bob you have a fantastic hobby, writing 6 page essay about nothing…….intelligent guy.

My belated wishes for a Happy & prosperous New Year to everyone including the idiots.

James Said,
February 2nd, 2010 @7:22 pm  

Rick, don’t you be hassl’n my buddy Bob. I’ve got dibs on the screen rights to his book. Tracy, I want you to be my escort at the oscars! oh, by the way… how many customers complained… and please, if you may, what was that person thrown out for… perhaps if we knew the facts… it would make Bob’s book more realistic. Right now I’m just not feeling the script.

PaddySnuffles Said,
February 13th, 2010 @4:39 pm  

I couldn’t help but add my two cents in about the argument about the group of elderly men that hang out at TC. So here it is.

Although I get it how people can get creeped out at their staring, or annoyed at what in Anglo-Saxon culture defines as loitering, I just want to point out they’re not of that culture originally. In many cultures sitting around for hours on end chatting and watching the world go by is considered a normal pastime, especially for the elderly. I’m originally from Brazil, and when I tried to explain to a friend about “loitering”, his wide eyed reply was “So how do people hang out there?”. It’s often hard for people to assimilate to a new culture, especially the older they are.

I go to TC all the time and they’ve never struck me as creepy. They just seem like a bunch of retired elderly men who sit around chatting. They probably sit where they do to feel more included in the goings on of the mall/comunity. I have heard time and time again that elderly people are often rather lonely. Maybe this is a way they’ve found to feel included. In fact, I’ve always thought their being there was rather neat. It shows the multiculturalism of not only Canada but also our own neighbourhood, and how we all get along no matter our origins or outward appearances. Thouggh ofcourse we do have our misunderstandings due to cultural differences. The most important thing here isn’t pointing fingers or calling names, but finding a way to solve the problem in a way everyone finds acceptable…

Julia Said,
February 25th, 2010 @3:54 pm  

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. People are going to stare, you don’t need to post about it. I was looking for the name of the nail place, and unfortionately stumbled upon a very rascist conversation. We live in Millwoods people come on, I’ve never met such rascist people and I’ve gone to school here. The kids are brutal but you so called adults are way worse. You’re supposed to be the ones setting examples. I have got the experience to know the bad habits both cultures have, and with us white people it’s not much different. Brown people have the right to, just because they come from another country with different values does not mean you get to be offensive on a public website. They probably do exactly as they did in their original country. Unfortionately, they did not have the ability to grow up in Canada. Don’t be stuck up, most of them really don’t know how to speak english and I am appalled at the ridiculous accusations previously made. Honestly, take it as a compliment, people are going to stare, people stare at people all the time. Get over yourself, and get on with your life.

Wut Said,
March 19th, 2010 @7:15 am  

You are all hilarious, keep up the good show. And no, I don’t agree with any of you.

Eva Said,
March 23rd, 2010 @10:04 am  

I’m with Bob.Time we stopped selling our country down the drain, so to speak. I had relatives who fought and died in world war 1 and world war 2, to keep this country safe and free and to make it a better place for this generation and the next. I’m all for immigration …with the understanding that “when in Rome do as the Romans do” ….. ) After all, didn’t they come to this country for a better place to live …why change it to what they left? Allowing immigrants to come in and take over our rights to religion, traditions, and a way of life that our forefathers fought and worked to attain for us is not being “Canadian ” or friendly and passive. It is being foolishly naive . We are quickly becoming a society that is no longer “Canadian”. I welcome any new immigrant to this, MY country; I do not welcome those who would take away the rights and freedoms that Canada won through the blood, sweat and tears of generations of MY people , to try to make Canada a copy of the country they left behind. To those who preach the living in harmony and no discrimination crap ….what about the discrimination again the people who, for the last one hundred years, worked to build Canada into a country so great and free that we attracted people from all over the world. The war vets instituted their own “club” , the Legion , with certain dress codes ….now the EI is permitted to wear a headress to a private club, in violation of of the rules instituted and adheared to for many years. Also the R.C.M.P., the police, and many others. It is the allowance of change to these rules and regulations, by those who are welcomed into this country and want to change it to their own customs ,that creates discrimination and dissention from those of us who have worked so hard in hopes of a better, easier life for our children, grandchildren and so forth .Now, with the attitude of those like Laurie, Singh , etc. we passively sit by and allow our country to be taken over .

J Said,
March 24th, 2010 @1:05 pm  

Linda and all her supporters (who are most likely Linda herself or her friends) are straight up fucked in the head. I can’t believe the shit I am reading on here. Singh hit the nail on the head. Amen, brother.

robbie Said,
March 27th, 2010 @5:23 pm  

There’s this cute girl who worked at golden oak cigars,shewas kind of short and had shortish hair with streaks,she could have been east indian.does anyone know who i’m talking about?

James Said,
April 21st, 2010 @7:28 pm  

I am totally in agreement with Eva. I don’t think anyone has the right to come into somebody elses community and begin to dictate how we should live. Immigrants should follow the golden rule… “when in Rome.” Now that we can all agree on that, I want to know if anyone knows of a good place to buy some moccassins and good face paint.

gj Said,
May 17th, 2010 @2:13 pm  

all u guys are fuckin fucked man, all races look at other ppl, and east indian men are from india they aint speaking englsih u assholes, and u fuckin white ppl fuckin check out every chick in site, so suck it up

Atina (not my real name) Said,
June 1st, 2010 @4:49 pm  

Like most of you I was looking for a store directory and came upon this ‘conversation’.

I am an educated person. Not at the level of a doctor, lawyer or biophysicist but I do know how to use spell check like I just did to correct the word biophysicist when I misspelled it.

I am also a Caucasian and so is my husband. We were born in Canada but our parents were not. Mine were born in Germany and my husbands in Italy. Non of them could speak English when they arrived here but had to learn quickly in order to find work and raise a family. (My mother learned English by watching Coronation Street on TV in the ’60′s. I think that’s funny!)

When I was a kid some neighbourhood kids (also Caucasian) broke the windows in our house and the house of my uncle down the street (also a German immigrant). This apparently happened after hearing their parents speaking about Nazis and the kids then assumed that that was what we were. The parents didn’t do or say anything when my parents confronted them therefore justifying this racist act back to their children.

At the time of the war my parents were little children caught in a war they had nothing to do with. The neighbours of course were also immigrants from somewhere (Scotland, I believe!) but just had a longer history of being in Canada and therefore felt more entitled to be in this country. So they decided to ‘punish us using acts of violence. Get it! The neighbours used violence to punish violence! My grandparents were against the Nazis and did what they could to help anyone to survive without food and shelter. They and countless other German’s lost their homes and everything in it as a result. My uncle was was sent into the war against his will and ‘disappeared’. No body, no information. My point here is that since the war all German’s are thought of as evil Nazis. Oh, by the way for those who do fall into the ‘uneducated’ category or those who are not educated but think they are, Hitler was born in Austria.

We of course have relatives who visit from Europe and want to know what typical Canadian anything is! (food, culture, traditions). That’s a hard question to answer! Why! You see the funny thing about Canada is that everyone here is an immigrant or is a descendant of immigrants! I am in no way trivializing the Canadians who fought for this country in any war at any time in history or the present, but to say you are more Canadian because your ancestors where here during those early wars is wrong.

If the people who come to this country now are supposed to ‘assimilate’ and ‘do what the Roman’s do,’ then everyone who emigrated here from some other country since the beginning of caucasian settlement should all be living with the beliefs, customs and traditions of the First Nations people’s. They are the true Canadian’s! All of the non Firsts Nations people who came here and failed to ‘do as the Roman’s do’ but instead forced our ancestral ways upon the original people of the land and then allowed others to follow are now complaining because the same thing is happening to them.

Ignorance is not about how much information you may or may not know but about how open your mind is to learn new things!

If I have insulted anyone that was not my intent. Sorry if you are!

If someone more intelligent and more informed than I am would like to comment I would welcome it because I will probably learn something new from them. That would make me open minded and therefore intelligent.

To summarize:
– I understand the caucasian and immigrant perspective.
– Swearing and name calling will never win you an argument (discussion).
– If you grew up here you have no excuse to not use proper English and the spell/grammar check on your computer.
– If your not a true First Nations people then no matter how long you and your descendants have lived in Canada you are still an immigrant or a descendant of one.

I don’t know if I ‘out wrote’ Bob but if this ever gets made into a movie, I claim ownership to the rights of said movie.

Also, does anyone know if there are still any ‘As seen on TV’ stores in MWTC? I want some of those HD wrap around sunglasses to fit over my prescription lenses when I’m driving!

Enough said!

RG Said,
June 9th, 2010 @6:11 am  

Wondering if anyone ever cleans the play area in the mall. Every time I take my son to play there, he gets sick.

Would also be nice if the rules were a little more enforced.

James Said,
June 18th, 2010 @4:31 pm  

Hey there,
this is about the kids play ground in the food court
whats with the parents of these kids.Dont the read that big notice for the kids to have indoor voices..they lets them sqreetch and stuff and the security dont do anything about it
I know kids are going to make noise and scream a bit but come on parents controll your kids..
Sure the play ground is good for the kids to let off steam but they have rules you know
They security dont say nothing to the parents but when the group of the handicapp people come in for lunch and they make noise those parents that let thier kids scream complain to security and the security goes and saids something to the staff of the handicapped
and they are asked to leave.

Roo Said,
June 27th, 2010 @8:53 pm  

First of all REAL canadians are the Natives. So to all these white people on here who are complaining about how Canada is their country and immigrants shouldn’t come in.. think again. because you’re an immigrant too. Yeah, you’re grandparents are all from Ukrain, Poland, English or Romanian or whatever. True Candians, the first people here were the first nations people. So unless you’re native don’t do you dare complain about immigrants. This isn’t your country, you wanna complain about immigrants then maybe you should trace your roots and go back to your country.

Kell Said,
July 4th, 2010 @3:19 pm  

does anybody know the store that has everything from commercials??

Candy Said,
July 13th, 2010 @1:23 pm  

these old pakistani men always looking at my bum, it’s sick!

bladearts Said,
July 13th, 2010 @1:32 pm  

I’m Native American and I don’t mind immigrants as long as they aren’t racist towards my people. If you are, show more respect. You are immigrants. Stop acting like you own the place.

canad Said,
July 15th, 2010 @5:53 am  

Was just looking for hair salons on this site and felt like I should add something. ANY group of ppl hanging around, doing nothing looks bad for the mall, something probably should be done. It would be great to have a place for new comers to go, a centre or something.
Just wanted to add that the ppl I know that have immigrated here have needed to have a trade(work), or to establish themselves in a buisness in order to come/stay to Canada, it is not a free ride.There are a couple of bad apples everywhere, but still we are all Cnd, and maybe it is time to come together as such.

Annehearsall Said,
July 27th, 2010 @8:45 am  

Wow. Whan an interesting read! I also have felt the stares and yes I too felt creeped out. I also feel the same creepy feeling when it is an old white man, black man, indian man,even some old ladies!! Come on people!! Fact is, it does not matter what race you are….YOU ARE CREEPY! the only other thing I can say is,
GO BOB! I loved every word you wrote!

azn_pride Said,
July 27th, 2010 @4:45 pm  

To Eva

What you need to do is be more open minded. With your conservative thinking we would never have equality in this country. You are still stuck in the world war II era where you believe minorities like Asian Canadians do not have the right to vote or become doctors and lawyers. This country has a history of racism against minorities and only with change can that be fixed. So now today, I have the right to vote thanks to the work of my forefathers and their blood and sweat trying to fight for change and equality.

It’s funny how you feel discrimination when you are probably white. Did your parents have their property and belongings taken away by the Canadian government like with what happened with the Japanese Canadians? Did your parents have law that prevented them from sharing public places like washrooms and seats on the bus like with what happened to black people? NO… so then just you really have nothing to complain about because you and your parent have never experienced REAL racism.

August 10th, 2010 @3:28 pm  


baine Said,
August 26th, 2010 @1:08 pm  

was looking for a way to contact safe way in mill woods mall
i just bought a five lb bag robin hood flour open it it full of bugs
i got no phone so thought i could use computer . but geuss i got go all ways back there so they can take the other bags off the shelf
sort of turned me off making my bread.

jena Said,
August 26th, 2010 @3:13 pm  

I go to the mall ALL THE TIME, and I’ve never even noticed any men (until you pointed it out). People of all ages, races, sexes, etc. go to the mall to hang out! Some of you are a little too self-conscious with too much time on your hands. RELAX!!!

PS….Linda’s comment was originally posted early 2009!!! Let’s move on!!!

PPS…I”m TRYING to find out what time is the movie tonight?!?!?!

erinedmonton Said,
August 28th, 2010 @4:50 pm  

where is the winners? I dont think there is at this mall?

Samric Said,
August 29th, 2010 @1:41 pm  

thx for the list of the stores admin

J-Rock Said,
September 7th, 2010 @7:20 am  

For those of you asking, the salons in the mall are Murray’s Hairstyling and Escada. Murray’s being the cheaper of the two. The “commercial” store is As Seen On TV.

Tracie Said,
September 14th, 2010 @6:05 pm  

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the comments page saying that all comments are hand modified. If they truly were more than half of these comments that ignorant people have left would not be on this site. I am ashamed that I worked at such a place for 10 years of my life. What an embarrassment.

"Society" Said,
September 21st, 2010 @5:37 pm  

Wow! I came across this website while doing some research on the origin of Millwoods as I am writing a research paper on this area. I am appalled at some of the things that have been said, but at the same time, I am a sociology major and I study things like this and know that, sadly, this type of “mentality” (racial discrimination etc.) still exists. With that said and without getting too much into this, thank you “Atina” for stating which needed to be stated. Hopefully that gave some people a reality check and challenges their ignorance.

Maria Said,
September 30th, 2010 @6:25 pm  

loves shopping at L.A.TOPPS … you guys should check it out …

loida Said,
October 17th, 2010 @8:50 am  

Yahoo. Toys r Us is here!

Unfathomable Said,
October 18th, 2010 @6:29 am  

I just read the article about the mother and her children who were bullied by the security guards at Millwoods Towne Centre Mall. I will not be shopping at your mall again. I do not condone such practices and cannot believe a mall would treat a customer so callously and rudely. What every happened to customer service? Also calling the police about screaming children – what a waste of police resources. What a small petty situation to create! No more shopping there for me. I will spend my money elsewhere.

Jack Said,
October 30th, 2010 @7:21 am  

Anita for mayor! Grow a brain Bob…the worst thing about you is, you’re so stupid, you’ve fooled yourself into thinking you’re smart!

Rofl Said,
October 31st, 2010 @3:05 am  

Just looking for mall hours and can’t believe what I’m reading. Atina, very nicely said, bob, don’t YOU have something better to do? As for the likes of Linda, maybe you’re really ugly…

Blade Said,
November 8th, 2010 @10:23 am  

People here obviously don’t realize WHITES can be discriminated against too. It’s not a one sided street.

takeshi Said,
November 8th, 2010 @11:45 am  

To Blade:

WHITES can be discriminated? The amount of discrimination and racism experienced by WHITES will NEVER come close to the amount experienced by Native people of Canada , Eat Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, and other people of colour in Canada. WHITES have always had it the easiest because they are the majority and always believe they are superior to other races.

They also don’t struggle or work as hard so when harder working immigrants take their jobs they think that they are being discriminated against.

Ahmed Khan Said,
November 14th, 2010 @8:33 pm  

Linda i read ur comment about east indian men if he stared at u …u should be muslim if u got out with half sleves shirt and short all men would see u if u wear scarf or some like that and wear proper clothes no man wouldnt see u ok dont blame on other mans ok its ur fault.

November 17th, 2010 @3:27 pm  

Tom Hardy is gonna be in the Dark Knight.

Dark KNight ll: The Hardy Boys

but seriousy, will MWTC ever get a movie theater?

Kathryn Said,
November 20th, 2010 @3:04 pm  

Ahmed: It ia not womens fault that men can’t keep their eyes to themseleves how do you know what she was wearing and we should not have to change out faith or the way we dress just so we can feel comforable enough to go out in public without getting stared at by perverted men get it right here Canada is a multi national country we have the right to dress however we please and shouldn’t have to worry about men undressing us with their eyes. We have rights here to and we don’t have to do what men say if you don’t like it too effin bad get over it or go live somewhere else.

Bill Said,
November 23rd, 2010 @11:41 am  

Hey everyone just wanted to say something about Bobs and Evas comments:

If we want to keep the country the same, then why did we steal it from the natives and change it?
soo the natives can say the exact same thing about our filthy ways.
If you really wanna tell someone to get out of Canada, then you should hear the natives and get out of their country.
I think Eva and Bob are the most racist people in Canada, yes, even more racist than Linda.

Linda next you comment, there is no need to specify the origin of these men, i am have recently moved from London, Ontario and there is a mall there where a lot of senior citizens go to “hang out”, and they all stare at people walking by, regardless of their race, its because they usually dont have anything better to do.

Congrats, Bob and Eva have been crowned!

too funny Said,
December 7th, 2010 @2:25 am  

Ok this is just amuseing everyone starts off trying to make it sound like they are indifferent. give 3 sentences and it starts to show. Were all racist to a point. Its an easy out, a easy way to blame. The point is ive seen caucasians bad mouth non and most of the non bad mouth the caucasians. Think maybe one is as bad as the other. The when in Rome comment is a good one. Rome assimilated other nations they mixed the colors creeds and traditions. Yes there were the elite the powerful. There are in every nation. Most catholic holidays are pagan holidays even xmas. winter solstice. Every nation has been at war every nation has treated another badly. If someone feels uncomfortable say so. Discuss it find out why. we need to be equal that means everyone has tolerance. Everyone will never be happy not with so many different beliefs., but could try to understand the others point of view and go from there. Everyone needs to be equal. no special treatment for anyone. We are in Canada there are customs and traditions here christmas being one of them but thats not allowed anymore. Why not? If i go to any other nation i will adhere to their customs. Why because i am the new comer because it shows that I want to be there and will make the effort assimilate. I will study their way of life and know what is acceptable and what is not. Some places you look at someone speaking to you some you do not. The original topic had racial undertones how could it not. its the way we think all of us. At the same time it is a legal issue. That is black and white, cut and dry. you go to a buisness you spend money within an acceptable amount of time or leave. Unless otherwise arranged.(seniors drop in)

Dina Said,
December 9th, 2010 @3:56 pm  

I agree there are way too many creepy men in this mall, that is partly why I choose to avoid going there at all costs. I would rather drive an extra 20 minutes to a better mall then subject myself to the creeps that hang out in and around here. Not to mention the teenagers loitering outside and inside the mall (where are there parents?) and the drug deals that go on in the parking lot.

Justin Said,
December 14th, 2010 @3:05 pm  

Re: Bob
U certainly don’t have a life hey?

Brittany Said,
December 24th, 2010 @1:36 pm  

RE: Ahmed
This is not the old country, this is CANADA… you know… the place where all races and religions are accepted. Yes, YOUR culture allows for the total degradation of females…. most other cultures do not. It is not a females fault that she gets stared at if she is not wearing your so called “proper clothes”, it is the fault of the males who can not have the decency to at least be discrete in their need to stare. I understand that with the Muslim faith women are kept covered to prevent men from having impure thoughts….. thus making it totally the woman’s fault if he falters…. but think on this, which shows more faith in “Allah” the man who is pure because he is never tempted, or the man who is pure because he rises above the temptation? Oh, and PLEASE don’t try to say that your culture doesn’t allow for the total degradation….. I was married to a Muslim man, so I know all about it!

Tanvir Said,
December 26th, 2010 @11:04 am  

WTF linda shut the fuck up noone is staring at u they just look all around to keep themselves busy or else what the fuck do u expect?! that they just have to stare at 1 thing like those playing swings and stuff like seriously wtf if u have a problem deal it with urself noone wants to here ur rude comments im north indian btw

Terrin Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @3:26 pm  

Its sad when I’m looking for a job and have to come across basically a whole website pissing and moaning about to older East Indian men who sit in town center.last time I checked Canada was a multicultural nation and EVERYONE has EQUAL rights here. So what if those men sit in town center telling them that they cant be there when their not doing anything illegal is like telling EVERYONE ELSE they can’t be there. Its sad when a 16 years old WHITE female understands this and many older people don’t. whenever I go town center those “dirty old men” as a few have you so rudely put have NEVER bothered me or any of my friends. And for all you racist people you all should take a minute out of your day and read the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.

Punjabi Said,
January 6th, 2011 @10:04 am  

Theri Paandi. Those guys are your elders so pay some respect moti haram

Mike Said,
February 3rd, 2011 @6:43 pm  

I think all this conversation is such a waste of time .Why don’t we learn to accept that it is not your colour that represents that you are superior or not .We are all the free citizens in this country , allowed to express our feelings or do what you want .Why do we only point at those seniors ,which should not be that much of an issue and than thinking about all the smokers in front of the mall -which actually should concern all of us ?

Mall Employee Said,
February 8th, 2011 @8:31 am  

Agree with what Dina said above. The security guards actually let those little ghetto kids deal drugs inside the mall now. No need for them to go outside. In return the kids give some of the security free weed. This mall is turning into the new Millbourne

New Again Said,
February 18th, 2011 @9:00 am  

Wow. Public forums are weird. I’ve recently moved back to this area, and am sad to hear about the state the mall has fallen to, the sad truth is that security personnel make very close to minimum wage, and usually have a 12 hour day with banked hours over actual overtime pay. As for the kids and drug deals, there is a police station nearby. If you see illegal activity, get a description of the details(size[ht/wt], clothing, activities) of the people involved, and call the police to investigate. There is a police station that resides just off the northern parking lot. I happen to be pro-marijuana, in this case, legalization would set a minimum age limit(probably 18), and make it harder for access to minors. Violent crime associated trafficking is halved before the ink is dry, and the police force can use their already thinly stretched manpower/budget on the source of illegal activities instead of a band-aid over the symptoms.

On the overt racism, it just has to stop. Everyone here is Canadian, pure and simple. There’s dirty old men of every religion and skin tone, heck, sometimes there’s dirty old ladies. If someone is making you uncomfortable in a public setting, it rests on you as a human among other humans to communicate. Now, if you’re wearing booty shorts, and a cleavage shirt, it is in part, your fault. Some women dress to be attractive, then punish men for being attracted. That doesn’t seem like the case here so much. If you run into an uncomfortable situation, get to the information desk, contact the owners of the mall, and register a complaint with them. Once they see that issues will hurt their profit, they will correct them.

The trick is tolerance of things you don’t understand, is understanding them, you do not have agree with an ideal to understand it. I was raised Anglican, and now believe closer to Buddhist views. I didn’t abandon Christianity out of hatred(even though the jerks removed everything about Jesus fighting dragons from the bible centuries ago[look it up, it's true]), I did it because it was oppressive, not a series of edicts on how one SHOULD live, it was how one MUST live. Too hardcore. I think the world(and the mall) would be just a better place if we could all learn to pretend to like each other.

I apologize for the novella here, but luckily most people that flame this will merely skim through it before making personal attacks on myself.

New Again Said,
February 18th, 2011 @9:06 am  

The best part of that paragraph is that I came in here looking for information about the optician that isn’t lenscrafters in the mall, specifically a phone number, but you guys are interesting enough that i felt the need to comment.

Equil Said,
March 3rd, 2011 @2:18 pm  

And ladies and gentlemen this is why Canada is going to hell in a handbasket. Enjoy the show.

geoff Said,
March 5th, 2011 @6:47 am  

lets look at what a mall is. It is a place for people to shop eat meet friends and hang out. not all people want to spend there whole day sitting around home. if you were retired and older what would you do ? think about that …most older people no matter what there back ground is enjoy hanging at the mail look at the teens after school time they go to the mall and hang out , looking at people and rating them. guys in there 20′s check out gils at the mall. women in a bar check out guys and rate them all the time to just to see how many free fucking drinks they get. before they get drunk and fuck some random guy it doesn’t matter where a guy or girl is weather it be the mall school bus stop food market resturant guys and girls will always be looking at each other and checking each other out if you cant handle some one looking at you then dont leave your house this is a free counrty people come here to have the freedom of life…. it’s people who are racist that are causing the wars and battles to go on if every one just got along there would be freedom and peace all over the world.

ryan Said,
March 16th, 2011 @12:48 am  

this mall has just become a trash pit of losers, stupid drop out kids, dirty pakis, morons, drug dealers, sluts, welfare cases and cockroaches and slimebags. its the same old crap everyday.

Sarah Said,
March 21st, 2011 @6:42 pm  

I was actually looking for the name of the tailor’s in the mall, but when I came across the comment about the mother being harassed by security, I researched and decided against going to this mall anymore.

it seems like a far more worthy issue than arguing about a woman upset with older men staring at her.

Parker Said,
March 28th, 2011 @11:14 am  

i hate millwoods

ubetcha Said,
April 2nd, 2011 @2:45 pm  

I think this banter should be removed from this mall’s website. People’s personal opinions containing racial slurs and unnecessary profanities should be posted ELSEWHERE. Does Millwoods Town Centre not have someone monitoring their website? This should be a forum discussing things pertaining to the mall hours or particular store inquiries only. Keeping this type of information on here is unprofessional and irresponsible of the mall’s management. I am not saying whether I agree or disagree with what is posted…I just think it doesn’t belong HERE.

Random Chick Said,
April 7th, 2011 @11:53 am  

I really never wanted to be racist in life but dont you think these east indian people are taking over everything, especailly in Edmonton? I mean come on, their clothes are here and their food, and i know people from other cultures like their food but i think its getting out of hand. Alot of my friends wont come to the southside anymore because theyre too many east indians and theyre always getting harrassed by them or like me, cant understand a word THEY ARE SAYING. I think before they immigrate into Canada or any part of the world where the main language is ENGLISH, they should actually speak decent English. And the staring thing! I hate that too! i mean come on do i have something on my face or something? seriously! dont you people have husbands/wifes??! And im trying to get a job here and the ones that are hiring are east indian people but yet they dont want to hire white people? AND when they sit at the millwoods town center play park, theyre taking up all the seats and they dont even have kids playing theyre?! i mean hellooo, theres the food court. But come on, if you came here for “a better life” and there is people fighting for your country, since you cant do it yourselves, why are you calling us names? thats just selfish and out of order! I just hope all of this will be over because i am SICK of this.

Troy Said,
April 8th, 2011 @8:19 am  

Wow, this is incredible. There’s a lot of comments on here by people who think they know what they’re talking about, but really don’t. Like “Melissa December 18th, 2009 @5:44 pm”; just so you know, Slander is spoken (does not apply here), Libel is written (does apply here, but neither is a criminal offense, it would be considered a civil matter).

In my opinion, Linda was simply stating that there was a particular group of people that made her feel uncomfortable by staring her. This is a fair comment. She went on to identify the group by the most obvious method, their physical appearance (being East Indian). Some took great offense to this, but may want to rethink it. Let me explain… if a Caucasian male broke into you home and you saw him run away you’d tell the police that a white guy stole your stuff. That’s not being racist, it’s simply identifying the individual(s) involved. If you saw an Asian girl steeling, you’d tell the police or the loss prevention officer (LPO) that an Asian Girl was steeling. That’s not being racist, again it’s simply identifying.

Linda went on to explain that in her opinion, if it were another group, say a bunch of white older men, the reaction would be different and they would be asked to leave. This might be true. Security may not want to create an incident because the accusation of racism comes so quickly and forcefully, as is evidenced with all the previous comments. It’s simply her opinion and she’s entitled to it. Nothing was overtly racist or offensive.

It’s not illegal to stare, but it is generally thought of as rude. But let’s keep in mind there are rude people everywhere, we deal with them every day; they are rude in many different ways. Sometimes you just have to tolerate it. Is it loitering? Technically, yes! However, the intent of this law is to prevent people from hanging around and causing a ‘disturbance’, which I don’t believe is the case here.

I’m not going to identify my race, age, or religion because it doesn’t matter here. Nor does my ancestry matter or how long me or my family has been here. That being said, the ‘when in Rome’ comment does have some merit. Let me explain… if my sister went to Saudi Arabia she would not be legally permitted to drive. She may think that’s wrong, sexist, or whatever, but that’s how it is in that country and if you choose to be there then you must follow the ‘law of the land’. This was just one example to help illustrate that even if something is okay in your country, or in your culture, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable somewhere else… ‘when in Rome’. PS, nothing I said about Saudi Arabia was racist or rude, just fact, so let’s not get offended okay!? Just an example.

My point is that all of this got carried away, it got pushed into the realm of racism (as often things do), and down the slippery slope everyone went. There’s a lot of hateful people from all walks of life, and they just fuel the fire. Lets keep things civil and to the topic without playing the race card. Here’s how I see it:

- It has been noted that there is a higher than normal amount of elderly East Indian men in the mall making some people feel uncomfortable because it is believed they are staring.
- Technically, it is considered loitering.
- However, the intent of loitering is to have a law to enforce the removal of individual(s) if they are causing a disturbance, which these elderly men are not.
- In Canadian culture, staring is considered rude, and even creepy in some circumstances. (Opinion: people are treated rudely every day. If I’m treated poorly in a particular restaurant, I simply don’t go there again. I don’t get upset, state that I have the right to go there, and try to make them polite. Just don’t go there, just like you probably avoid the bars on 96th street downtown).

Problem solved, in my opinion anyway. Please, be rational, be fair, and don’t be rude.

East Indian Said,
May 5th, 2011 @6:55 am  


coslover Said,
May 11th, 2011 @7:28 pm  

are you allowed to cosplay here? (dress up as characters from anime) me and mah buddies got plans

Bee S Said,
May 18th, 2011 @1:34 pm  

It is illeagle to stare in Edm, it is called ogalling or something like that. I personally think it is a compliment or is even considered just plain perception(long form). How is it you know they are stairing, unless you are stairing right back – you would need to to figure out how long it is that they are stairing at them, possibly causing them to think you are the one stairing at them. Did you ever wonder if they think that you are thinking dirty things yourself. I am white, I do see them sitting everywhere, I also see everyone(well many persons) stairing at me because I am disabled, disfigured(spinal injury) and shop with my disabled adult son. When one of my kids asked me(yrs ago)why people stare at us, I tell her they are witnessing for themselves our suffering or our struggles irregardless of there reactions like pointing, laughing or feeling empathy. I told my child the ones who turn away are the ones that hurt me the most because if they had looked just a little longer they would have seen me smile.
Come on people, really.

June 11th, 2011 @8:59 pm  

east indian, packi, sikh what ever u want to call THEM lol there all the same just like us white people are all white haha funny thing is u come to canada and yes u are taking over its true but its cause these girls cant keep there legs closed and its not just the women seriouse about 2 years ago i was walking down the street these brown guys pulled over got out of there car and chased me and my sister we made it in the news paper that day I WAS SO SCARED JUST A LITTLE GIRL BUT IF ONE VER TRIED TO DO …this has happened more then once the best is when the park across from town centre mall and come over and try to pick up all the young girlS THERE famous pick up lines are hey u need a ride, my car is across the street, i can buy u liqour and cigarettes haha go s crew urself uu disrespectful (SO MANY WORDS I COULD USE RIGHT NOW) BROWN people how about that NOW!!! also talking about millwods town centre i went there AND there are all these old brown man sitting at the benches just staring its disgusting they have no respects for women and they dont know how to speak english properly, and it gross when they dont have there shoes put ur stinky a$$ feet back in ur shoes also ANOTHER THING EAST INDIAN MAN U GUYS CUM HER AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN U HAVE FREE BENEFITS FREE LIVING EXPENSISE FOR A YEAR OR SO AND U GET TO BRING ALL THE SICK FAMILY U HAVE DOWN TO ARE HOSPITALS FOR FREE FOR FREE HELP HAHA AND ITS STUPID SERIOUSLY IF WE WENT TO UR COUNTRY OR WAT EVER WE WOULD PROBABLY GET SHOT BUT THE BEST OF ALL IS THE GANGSTER PAKI ONES U GUYS ANT BLACK. MY BAD TO I ALMOST HIT ONE OF U WALKING ACROSS THE STREET FROM TOWN CENTRE ITS CALLED A CROSS WALK FOR A REASON U GUYS DONT OWN THE ROADS YET

June 11th, 2011 @9:12 pm  


juliann moore Said,
August 13th, 2011 @1:15 pm  

I was recently approached in Zellers at Millwoods town center and asked to leave without reason and was told not to come back to the mall I was banned and if I returned I would be charged with trespassing. I was given no reason and he said he didnt need to give me one. I found this very unreasonable and not within any laws. I would like to get some answers

binda Said,
September 6th, 2011 @2:05 pm  

this mall is just the shits, i have never seen so many awful people in all my life, big fat slobs just standing around eating junk food all day long and filthy kids playing in the mall park. and all those binders just sitting around and wasting time. what a disgrace to mankind.

Shin Said,
September 11th, 2011 @1:51 pm  

In reply to the “East Indian men sitting at the mall staring all day” thread…
East Indians stare, that is a fact of life, whether they’re male or female. I am East Indian myself, and although I don’t like it, I don’t make a big deal of it. As someone else said these elderly men are generally there to meet other men of the same culture as them to pass the time of day. Leave them alone, if you don’t like them, don’t look at them. At least don’t be RACIST. Canada is a multicultural society and is made up of all races, sizes and colours. These men are not pretending to not be able to speak English, most of them can’t. If you don’t like it, don’t go to the mall if you feel that strongly racist, but you’ll be hard pushed to find somewhere where you won’t find East Indians. I live by Abbotsfield mall, if you go in there any time the food court is full of elderly white men and women, I don’t complain that they stare, they do, but I don’t let it bother me, they’re world watching. I think it’s a bit much in this day and age for people to be making such racist comments.

In reply to Bobby,
“CANADA was settled and pioneered by :WHITE PEOPLE … ”

Actually the only natives to Canada are the aboriginals, everyone else is considered an immigrant, whether white or coloured. So get over yourself – Canada is a multicultural society where people of all cultures have learned to live together mostly in peace.

Hassan Said,
September 22nd, 2011 @9:31 am  

Oh Hey, Guys … Anyone know whos hiring in Town center?

Tomh Said,
October 8th, 2011 @5:31 am  

I have to agree with Linda, altho I’m a white male there is just fart to many scum of the earth east Indians in this world!!!! They are trash and take advantage of our country and should not be allowed in Canada, if we are going to imagrate people to Canada we should pick from a country that has higher then a 20% education rate!!! These idians should be ashamed of themselves for coming to a country and reaping all the benifits but trying to bring there failed barbaric religion and beliefs along with them, in turn the will be the demise of Canada as they were india. East Indians are very ignorant!! And refuse to be Canadian so get the hell out you users!!!! I know that the majority of the white (upper class in comparision) race agrees that the world would be a much much better place if we got rid of all these turban and scarf wearing scum, they are a pest like cockroaches!! You east Indians have drastically brought down our standard of living and for that I’d like to say you have no positive influence on our country and are a burden to society just like natives. Go home please!!!! Your not wanted here and I hope the government realizes the detrament they are causeing by bringing scum here and paying them to come out of us TAX PAYERS money before a civil war insues. I mean if you want to be trash and have 18 people in one house all driving cabs and macs clerks leaving work to pray (ya right), ruining our economy with your existance then do it in your own ruined dirt country, in Canada we are hard working people and your lazy carefree attitude is sickening!! Also you old dirtbags living off cpp that you didn’t pay into but I did and I’ll never see ticks me off. You have not earned the right to live here so stop trying to take over our country!! Islam is a horrible always failing religion and they fact that that is migrating into Canada dragging along greasy east Indians is horrible, one step closer to the end of Canada being a good place to live. Canada was good because there was only whites here now our government is grabbing trash from failed countries, what do they think is going to happen to Canada? Get a job you trash Indian!!! Get out of Canada so at least some people can enjoy Canada because Noone can when you have ignorant user east Indians here sucking up all our tax dollars. Just wanted to say that Noone likes east idians and you are scum of the earth and your infestation is a problem just like pests. You’ve infected our country please leave, and now that some of the people that were attacking Linda’s accurate comments have read this I’ll be able to sleep much better, thank you!!

Sab Said,
October 27th, 2011 @1:25 pm  

OK… i’m south asian and i seriously think hanging out at the mall everyday for several hours, just sitting isnt healthy.

Regardless of the fact that its maybe creepy for some, its basically NOT HEALTHY. They should get together and rent a space and form a club of some sort. Maybe have some physical activity, a t.v lounge, a game room (board games) , it’ll be so much more nicer for the elderly and so much easier on poeple who get STEREOTYPED because of this mall issue.

I personally think the elderly southasian men and women WITH their children should make an effort of actually forming a club.

I really do think that always calling out DISCRIMINATION really lets us get away with alot.
Malls are for shopping, eating and for any other services the mall provides. Sitting around EVERYDAY coming in at the SAME TIME , the SAME PEOPLE isnt what a mall is for.
And for the people who think they purchase something everyday, ok i cant really say no one purchases anything, but when i buy something i eat it sit around for half an hour and then leave.

PLEASE FORM A CLUB OR COMMITEE OF SOME SORT because just ignoring it and labeling it as discrimination is putting a bad name on a whole community.

I’m a south asian and proud to be. My parents are elderly people and they try to volunteer but when they dont feel well a certain day they relax with a couple of friends at home or in the park

December 14th, 2011 @8:48 am  

I totally agree with east indian.As long as I can remember growing up in millwoods,there have always been racist comments and always towards the east indian community.I myself am not east indian,I am hispanic,but I did in fact live in and still do consider millwoods to be very,very racist,not only to the east indian community.I mean really it has always been the white seniors that you would always see hanging all day at the malls, especially malls like CAPILANO mall were the majority are all white seniors who stare and glare at people who are not white,and give you evil looks.White people and certainly the ones that seem to think that this is there land,and have forgotten about the native people who were here first.I betya any money that if these older east indian men were alot younger and good looking,this Linda women would’nt mind so much if they stared at her.I think this women is pretty sick and perverted herself to think that any older man would be interested in her.Everbody stares at everbody,and I believe I just proved a huge point,on how certain white people are so stupid and ignorant and still very racist.

Ayesha-Jade Said,
December 27th, 2011 @2:38 pm  

all of you need to calm down , and rehanne whatever your name is actually “goths” “emos” and etc they’re all normal people you can’t judge them because how they look .

Joseph Said,
December 29th, 2011 @3:35 am  

It really is amazing how many people can have so much disdain for others that have a different skin color or language. I will not personally use the word “racist” because we are all the same race, the human race. People need to learn to stop hating others for no reason. Hate will not bring you love. And agreeing with people on topics of hate only creates more hate. Honestly you should all ask yourselfs if you are unloved, because only the unloved hate. I think more people need to listen to Charlie chaplins speech from “the great dictator” you can find it on YouTube. Please educate yourself a little and stop the hate. There’s already been to much of It in the world.

Joseph Said,
December 29th, 2011 @3:55 am  

Also, to all the women in the world who complain about guys looking at them, or at their chest, or their butt get the hell over it. It’s a free world, we can look at what we want. Stop caring about what people think about you, or if they are looking at you, what does It matter. Is it abuse to you? I’m pretty sure girls look at good looking guys bodies as well, and even diss the not so good looking guys, so once again. Stop the hate, learn to live your life happy and get along with everyone. And if you can’t… Well go buy an island and sit on it by yourself with nothing but trees surrounding you.

YuZ Said,
January 4th, 2012 @10:17 am  

Personally I’ve never been to that mall before. I hear that part of Edmonton isn’t very safe, but then again, I shouldn’t judge without seeing it for myself. I want to buy a DVD. After going to West Edmonton Mall, Southcommon, and Southgate, I called this mall’s HMV and they say they have it. That’s good. I like that.

YuZ Said,
January 4th, 2012 @10:23 am  

And after reading all of your comments……………….

Linda, it might personally make you feel uncomfortable by all the staring by “dirty old men” but you know what? You know NOTHING about them, and it’s not a CRIME to stare. Do you see people going to jail or going to court for staring? If those “dirty old men” do do something wrong then it’s right to ban them from the mall for the safty of others, but if all they do it stare at you and all the other woman who comes in well suck it up, it’s not a crime…………. They have just as right to be there as you do.

Not So Offended ;) Said,
January 8th, 2012 @10:54 pm  

All I can say is… Wow…

Some people are too damn sensitive.

I have to agree with ONE minor point… I worked in the mall as one of those annoying kiosk people, and as a white female, I found the older East Indian men were unwilling to converse/acknowledge me being there. Half the time I was point blank ignored (which is understandable, being the annoying kiosk person), but the rest of the time I was either looked down upon (you can tell the difference between a glare and someone just looking), or they’d yell at me in their language just for saying, “Hi.”

My male counterpart, however, had NO issues getting these exact same men to come chat!

Now, I’m not saying this is the “norm” or a “race thing” or whatever. It could be the simple fact that Millwoods has a higher East Indian Population percentage than most areas… Either way, my month at that mall was a little ridiculous…

nancy b Said,
February 10th, 2012 @10:13 am  

Linda-you dirty ass whore.stfu no one likes you. I bet your not even fucking attractive you skank! No one wants to look at you Kay? So relax. Keep your shit to yourself.BROWN FOR LIFE! Stop discriminating you bitch. Im glad you don’t go to the mall anymore…quite frankly no one wants you there. Go die in a hole…you flithy slut!

Sam Said,
March 18th, 2012 @9:12 am  

Does anybody notice there is always a huge group of Pakis that just sit around in front of the shopper’s drug mart? I hate that every time I walk by there I have to smell their stinky body odour and hear their gutter language. Mill Woods is becoming little India and it’s disgusting, i can’t go out in public for 5 minutes without running into some slack jawed, low iq piece of trash paki that either can’t drive, has no manners or common sense of decency. They are a people who claim to hate western countries but I see them driving western cars, wearing western clothes and listening to western music, but still wear those ugly toilet paper collections on their heads, most likely with a dirty ass beard sticking out. If you’re gonna live in our country, respect it’s rules. I hate the Mill Woods pakis, and wish they all got deported back to their shitty back world country, left their to rot with their hedonistic religion and shitty moral code. Fuck this is a people who kill over a cartoon that mocked their shitty mohommad, they are like mongrel dogs, and should be treated as such. Fuck off millwoods pakis. Fuck you all.

Mrtolentino Said,
March 28th, 2012 @7:08 am  

I was wondering how much does millwoods town centre charge for food court space?….. Because i wanted to open up a Filipino Cuisine restaurant/fast food store in the food court that’s why curious about the cost of opening a store in millwoods town centre mall.

Filipino fastfood store would excellent with all the pinoy’s/pinay in millwoods town centre i hope that someone reads & tells me the prices of opening a fast food store in millwoods town centre.

I would make store that Filipino community would appreiate with a Big lcd tv facing outside my store with TFC channel everyday & when manny pacquiao fights i would have it on the television if it’s on before the mall closes.

decorate my store in filipino fashion/Culture

RSG Said,
April 5th, 2012 @8:38 am  


Aiden Cary Said,
May 3rd, 2012 @6:28 am  

This mall sounds like a real shithole.

Nun ya business Said,
November 19th, 2012 @4:13 pm  

Grossed out by the coffee shop !! 6 senses, was served a latte! Sickened when I found curdeled slim at the top, she took it out with a spoon:( just didn’t seem right so I tried it and told her that I didn’t want it , she said now I have to pay for it!! So sickened and wish I had the nerve to spit in her face!! Dirty paky trying to make money in shady ways, lucky I didn’t go all Indian on her!! She switched cups and said will if ur too picky take this clean cup, what a dumb ass!!!!

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