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Store Directory

8 Juice Phone: 778-388-3318 or 778-388-1368
A Light Idea Phone: 604-295-6650
A.I. Fashion Phone: 604-821-2086
Aberdeen Centre Postal Outlet Phone: 604-273-7271
Aberdeen Dental Centre Phone: 604-233-0087
Aberdeen Health Centre Phone: 604-233-0068
Ahan Thai Kitchen Phone: 604-295-6622
Air Hair Salon & Esthetics Phone: 604-247-1178
Aisle Clothing Co. Phone: 604-233-0048
Ajijiman Phone: 604-295-6605
Also Fashion Phone: 604-273-6283
Am-Call Wireless Phone: 604-279-9187
Angel Cantonese Food Phone: 604-295-8212
Angel’’s Kiss Phone: 604-276-8317
Anna’’s House Phone: 604-247-2310
Aquamarine Jewelry Phone: 604-295-6620
aR Fasion Outlet Phone: 604-295-6615
Art d”Allure Phone: 604-278-9338
As Know As Phone: 604-273-8600
Asakusa-Ya Phone: 604-207-0225
Auto Style Phone: 604-304-8496
Basil Leaf Phone: 604-295-6618
Beans Gifts & Toys Phone: 604-232-3378
Beauty Court Phone: 604-232-1010
Beauty Queen Cosmetics Phone: 604-270-2696
Bell Phone: 604-214-9988
Bestrend Collection Phone: 604-295-6629
BMW Lifestyle Phone: 604-231-8781
Bole Phone: 604-207-0527
Bowie Fashion Phone: 604-276-8088
Brilliant Jewellers Phone: 604-233-1398
Broadway Camera Phone: 604-232-9278
Candyland Phone: 604-278-1160
Cell City Phone: 604-656-2355
Celtek Phone: 604-303-8811
Charming Holidays Phone: 604-231-6038
Cho’’s Farm Market Phone: 604-233-1968
Colour O Living Phone: 604-295-6616
Crepe Zone Phone: 604-295-6628
Daiso-Sangyo Phone: 604-295-6601
Diosa Phoenix Apparel Phone: 604-303-1888
Envy Boutique Phone: 604-232-4177
Estea Express Phone: 604-249-1079
Estherbella Fashions Phone: 604-207-1328
Estherbella Kids Phone: 604-207-1328
Fairchild Media Group Service Centre * Phone:
Fairyland Phone: 604-273-7333
Fantom Golfwear Phone: 604-295-6658
Fashion of Time Phone: 604-270-8883
Fido Pepper Wireless Phone: 604-233-7788
Fido Unipage Solutions Phone: 604-307-7777
Fisherman’’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant Phone: 604-303-9739
Four Seasons Hot Pot * Phone:
Frappe Bliss Phone:
G. Stone Phone: 604-232-1080
Gem Mint Collectible Phone: 604-207-9550
Grace Optical Phone: 604-207-8982
Great Mountain Ginseng Ltd. Phone: 604-304-1328
Hanabi Phone: 604-295-6605
HSBC Bank Canada Phone: 604-233-2050
Ideon Fish * Phone:
Ilttala Phone: 604-304-8614
Impulse Sports Phone: 604-295-6606
Impulse Sports Rental Phone:
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Fashion Phone: 604-295-6654
Jang Mo Jib * Phone:
La Chantel Jewellers Phone: 604-270-3713
La Moni Jewellers Phone: 604-273-3277
Leodoctor Computer Services Phone: 604-232-2420
Les Parfumes Phone: 604-273-9393
Loft * Phone:
Luk Fook Jewellery Phone: 604-207-8877
M.G. Cosmetics Phone: 604-278-3002
MAL Phone: 604-273-2831
Mambo Caf? Phone: 604-273-3669
Marcus Jewellery Phone: 604-233-1313
May’’s Fashion Phone: 604-273-3293
Mei Jan Hong Phone: 604-273-6889
Memory Collection Phone: 604-295-6623
Menard Cosmetics Phone: 604-276-2076
Monda Phone: 604-270-4561
Mondo Gelato Phone: 604-273-8068
Morning Glory Phone: 604-244-8158
My Heart Lingerie Phone: 604-278-2623
National Herb Phone: 604-231-9838
Nature’’s Essence Phone: 604-276-9366
Northern Delicacy Phone: 604-233-7050
O Zone Fashion Phone: 604-295-6611
Osaka Optical Phone: 604-273-8329
Osim Phone: 604-233-0426
Pacific Range Hood Phone: 604-248-0800
Park Georgia Insurance Phone: 604-233-0500
Pet & Buddy Phone: 604-278-8018
Pharmasave Phone: 604-273-8020
Planet Food Phone: 604-295-6652
Racing Devil Hobbies Phone: 604-295-6625
Roppongi Collection Phone: 604-273-8300
S U P Bookstore * Phone:
Sa Sa Cosmetics Phone: 604-278-3339
Science World Think Tank * Phone:
Seventh Heaven Caf? Phone: 604-295-6777 or 604-295-6788
Shanghai Shanghai Phone: 604-506-1667
Silkway Travel & Cruise Phone: 604-248-8000
Simpro Phone: 604-276-8669
Singapore Kitchen Phone: 604-278-0122
Smart Furniture Phone: 604-295-6609
St. Germain Bakery Phone: 604-276-8378
Starbucks Coffee Phone: 604-821-1144
Stylish Home Phone: 604-278-8577 or 604-782-0208
Sushi Yoshi Phone: 604-207-9278
Sweet Factory Phone: 604-295-6656
Taiwan Kwong Leung Hing Dried Food Phone: 604-232-9182
Taiwan Yong Lai Xiang Dried Food Phone: 604-295-6619
Target Phone: 604-273-8822
Teemful BBQ Meat Phone: 604-270-3523
Ten Fu Tea & Ginseng Phone: 604-270-2278
Tim’’s Dessert House Phone: 604-821-1848
Tofu Home * Phone:
Together Fashion Phone: 604-295-6633
Ton On Phone: 604-273-3988
Trends Corea Department Store Phone:
Tropika Restaurant Phone: 604-233-7002
Utsuwa-No-Yakata Phone: 604-207-9353
Van Cheong Tea Phone:
Wing Shing Phone: 604-214-8282
Wo Fung Dessert Phone: 604-233-1132
Wonderland Jewellery Phone: 604-276-8692
Yummy Dumpling Phone: 604-232-5520
Zense Phone: 604-304-8495

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Daiso 2 Dollar Store

Daiso is a unique combination of dollar and convenient store, carrying over 100,000 types of high-quality stylish household and lifestyle products at unbeatable prices. Headquartered in Japan with business expanded to Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, Daiso enjoys immense popularity in Asia and is opening up a new store at the rate of 1.5 store a day! In Japan alone, there are over 2,400 stores; and Daiso ranks second to Tokyo Disneyland, receiving higher brand recognition and customer satisfaction among Japanese female consumers than the world famous Sony, McDonald’s, and Toyota.

Daiso created a joint partnership with the Fairchild Group and opened its first North American location – a 26,430 sq. ft store at the new Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, B.C in December 2003. This North American flagship Daiso store was an instant success. The public immediately embraced this unique concept of a dollar store that offers the shopping experience of a trendy department store; so much so that the Richmond Daiso quickly achieved the No. 1 sales position among all 3000 + Daiso stores in Asia.

Phone: 604.295.6601
Website: http://www.daisocanada.com

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What are the store hours for Beard Papa’s?

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same as the mall

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